Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

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Lydia Charter, Daniel Miske, Shawn Anderson

Homeowners associations (HOAs) can benefit residential communities by helping to ensure property values remain steady. They can require residents to keep their lawns mowed, obey parking rules, and ensure the area is well-maintained. Some HOAs offer amenities like neighborhood pools and recreation areas. HOA boards are tasked with handling challenges to shared community living. If those challenges aren’t dealt with properly, they can lead to problems and even lawsuits. 

HOAs from A to Z will give you a solid understanding of Wisconsin law governing HOAs, including new statutory requirements that went into effect in January of this year. You’ll learn the fundamentals of HOA operations and get practical advice on:

  • Documents governing HOAs
  • Responsibilities of HOA board members
  • HOA insurance requirements
  • Board elections and association meetings
  • Collection and enforcement mechanisms
  • Addressing common problems

Learn the essentials of HOA governance and how to avoid costly (and common) HOA mistakes at HOAs from A to Z.

3.5 CLE credits in Wisconsin