My points below exaggerate problems that I commonly see, but the advice is sound:

  1. “Are your three brain cells still talking to each other?” Knowing how to deal with difficult people is a prerequisite to property management. Don’t aggravate a situation by making a challenging person even more difficult to deal with – this won’t solve the problem. Attempt to always maintain a professional, positive attitude. We all fail or become less than we want to be at times. Forgive yourself and others, but even in forgiveness bad actions by unit owners have consequences.
  2. “This is the insurance company/policy you should approve.” Property managers are usually not licensed insurance brokers or agents, and their recommendation may be wrong. Does your association insurance cover you for those types of opinions if they are wrong? Property managers can certainly identify options.  However, the Board, ideally on the advice of an insurance committee, should be deciding on the amount and types of coverage purchased. Continue Reading 6 Things Community Property Managers Should Never Say

If your Association is not facing this today, chances are, it will tomorrow. The law is trending across the country to allow more and more people to use marijuana legally—both for medical and recreational purposes. That can mean smoke and smells that other neighbors find to be a nuisance. What can an Association proactively do?

Continue Reading Marijuana Use in Associations – “Hey Man, It’s Medically Necessary”